He after that entrusts Yuma with a cards who enable them to victory new Duel

He after that entrusts Yuma with a cards who enable them to victory new Duel

Shark’s friendship with Yuma as well as assisted him for the dealing with «Numbers» notes

Although not, the guy does have some prize, as he came back Bronk’s Patio up on shedding so you can Yuma when he guaranteed and remaining the Porches however taken out of somebody entirely intact. [17] His first overcome to Yuma possess humbled him in ways that he is no more overly vicious to those, because the shown as he production Yuma’s pendant shortly after successful an Ante Duel involved at risk. [13] He and seems to place far more believe for the bonds and relationship, shown by the his determination in order to create a team which have Yuma throughout the the fresh new Level Duel with Scorch and you can Chills. [19] Shark and additionally tries to cut Emperor’s Secret regarding Kite Tenjo and you will Orbital seven in case it is taken, certainly stating that he sees Yuma given that his friend. In the Duel with Kite, Shark recalls Yuma, and that Yuma could not throw in the towel. [20]

Whenever «Amount 17: Leviathan Dragon» was available in experience of your, it effortlessly grabbed hold of your. [1] But not, he had been able to fight-off new determine out-of «Shark Drake» on account of their bond with Yuma, and work out your the first identified person to be able to combat the new influence of your «Numbers» in place of yet another product or stamina. Even with being able to initial resist the fresh new dictate, Vetrix said that they did infect him and it will amplify their dark caused by his wish to simply take revenge facing Quattro. [21] not, immediately after good Duel which have Yuma, and you will enjoying their bumbling antics, new dark got disappeared. [18]

However, immediately following recognizing their fate as the a Barian, the guy used their cooler identity once again, saying that future drew him and you may Yuma together with her to combat facing each other. Not able to thought comfort once the a choice even after his relationships that have Astral and you may Yuma, he attacked World into the almost every other Barian Emperors. He or she is demonstrated to act high-pressure when Dueling, given that revealed throughout the his Duel that have Quattro. Tossing themselves fully into the his Barian persona, he incited their opponent’s rage, attempting to be hated and you may planning to make each other themselves and you may Quattro forget their date due to the fact «Reginald». [6] Although not, it actually was revealed he had been doing so to protect the people of one’s Barian Industry. Plus whenever Girag appeared to be in danger, Nash immediately tried to rescue your, showing he cares for almost all, if not completely of Barian Emperors (into obvious exception off Vector). [22] He also burst towards the tears from the witnessing Dumon’s demise. [23] He together with conveys depression at the Mizar’s death. [24]

Within his last duel against Yuma and you will Astral, Nash try been shown to be suffering-afflicted for having did not manage this new Barian Emperors and having failed to make fantasy come true. The guy reaffirms his guarantee to keep the new Barian Globe and their comfort from the their side and you can turned many eager to beat Yuma and you can Astral as they continued to survive his every violence, culminating inside the your following an effective crazed phrase inside their finally exchange. He had been also significantly distraught when they ultimately was able to damage «CXyz Barian Guarantee». Nevertheless, the guy came back back into their amicable worry about shortly after shedding to help you Yuma and being revived from the Numeron Password.

Overall performance [ revise ]

During the his Duel up against Quattro worldwide Duel Carnival, Shark merges his spirit with his «Number», wearing the ability to create A mess Xyz Evolution which have «Count 32: Shark Drake», acquiring a red-colored state of mind at the same time. [25] [26] After the Duel against Vector, Shark gathered the capacity to get a hold of Astral. [27] He is also in a position to combat the fresh new «Numbers» influence shortly after constant coverage, no further perception the results actually from a «A mess Amount». [12] [28]

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